Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hunting For Baju Raya

A week before I'm sitting for my exam for dis semester, my parents came all the way from Kedah together with my younger sis to pick me up at campus. They said they want to buy kain ela for this upcoming hari raya. We spend the weekend staying at MayTower. Mmg betul2 kt jln masjid india. Ayah cakap mmg sengaja die booking hotel tu so senang kitorang nk jln2 cri kain. Xpayah susah2 nk cari parking whatsoever..

1st Day (Saturday) :

Lepas je kitorang dah siap check in kt hotel tu,we staightly headed to all kedai kain yang ada kt jln masjid india and jln tar. Mmg sangat2 ramai org yg dtg untuk shopping kt situ. Im just thinking what it would be kalo la time tu tgh bulan puasa. Mesti letihnye melampau2. My mom and my little sis manage to get what they want. And nothing for me. Nevermind,there is one day left for me to find one. :)
Malam tu plak ayah ajak g downtown but I insist nk pegi uptown cheras. But my dad x tau direction nk pegi sana. After asking for direction kt farra then we manage to get there. Xde shopping pa pe pun just merayau and cuci mata.

2nd Day (Sunday) :

After having our breakfast, we continue our mission and finally i manage to get kain yg sye bekenan.
Bukan 1 tp 2 sekaligus.Hehehe. Susahnye nk buat pilihan.Bila xde yg bekenan lgsung semua xcntik. Tp bila 1 dh bekenan nmpak semua cntik plak.Huhuhu..
Lepas semua dh settle kitorang lunch kt My Asam Pedas Shop (Linda Onn) and my dad send me back at hostel.Huhuhu..

p/s: There will be another part in hunting for baju raya with my best buddies in the fasting month.
To farra & awin : nanti kite g merayau puas2 eh.


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