Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sangat Sakit Hati

Kes ni dh berlanjutan almost three weeks.
About someone who used to be our housemate for not more than 2 months.
Sya dh x boleh tahan lg dah..
Nape ko suke sgt bawak cite kt org lain?
Nape ko suke sgt menyibuk hal org lain?
Nape ko suke sgt bergosip psl org lain?
Nape ko mls buat keje umah?
Nape ko suke menipu?
Nape ko suke cakap besar?
Nape ko suke selongkar barang org?
Nape ko suke berkira dgn org ?
i want to ask all these questions to her..
but she keep running away.
at the same time, die tgh menjaja cite ni kat semua org..
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Just stop acting like an innocent girl..

You are not running for an OSCAR award.
It's really ANNOYING.

Dunno what to do anymore..